Monday, June 27, 2005

29 days!!

The end of this past weekend felt like a real milestone. It was the last weekend in June and the countdown is now in the 20s. 4 weeks seems SO much shorter than 5 weeks. I suddenly felt motivated to clear out all the crap in the back of my closet that I haven't seen in months, and managed to fill up 6 garbage bags. Nice.

I've been hanging out with random Japanese boys lately. Spent a couple hours, in my local bar, flirting with a HOT, but hick, carpenter with a mullet. It's amazing how much lower my standards are in Japan. haha. He spoke in Saga-dialect Japanese and I had no clue what he was saying, but I giggled and blushed anyways. It was the bar where Takashi works and he was teasing me the whole time - saying he can tell I "love" the boy because I'm all red, and making kissing noises. Very mature, Takashi. The whole thing was kinda awkward actually. I really have no clue if Takashi still likes me or if he was just teasing me like a brother. He seemed a bit jealous, which was interesting...

And yesterday I went with a group of people to an American style outlet mall - that looked exactly like Old Orchard! trippy. And we found an ACTUAL Indian curry place. Not Japanese style "curry rice". Right in the middle of a random town in Saga. Who knew? The whole point was sorta to set me up with this boy, who I once said was cute. I'm not sure I'm really interested, but we all had fun, and the boy is actually moving to CA in August, so we may exchange e-mails and I'll be happy to help him with his English or answer questions about living in the US.


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How can you endure the awkward situations??

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